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Is flight safety being challenged for commercial benefit?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last December, Ryanair pilots sounded alarm bells about fuel policy and flight safety issues within the airline. Now, only one week later, KLM is being accused of the same behaviour. A fatal crash with a Red Wings airplane occured in Moscow this Saturday, and on Monday, EasyJet was forced to perform a precautionary landing. Flight safety is now being questioned.Are there any airlines you are better off not flying with?

Ryanair pilots have made claims about the budget airline putting passengers’ lives in danger by ordering crew to fly with as little fuel as legally possible. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is alleged of employing the same practices on an incident on a flight to Los Angeles. A Red Wings plane had a fatal crash because of a defective brake system, and a few days later an airplane of EasyJet was forced to carry out a precautionary landing as a result of an oil leakage.

Each year Jadec publishes a list ranking the sixty largest airline companies on the basis of flight safety. British Airways (13), EasyJet (19) and Ryanair (28) are among the 30 safest airline companies.

Top five safest airlines

  1. All Nippon Airways
  2. Finnair
  3. Cathay Pacific Airways
  4. Etihad Airways
  5. Hainan Airlines

Top five most unsafe airlines

  1. EgyptAir
  2. TAM Airlines
  3. China Airlines
  4. Air India
  5. GOL Transportes Aéreos

Technical problems on flights are no exception

Irresponsibly low amounts of fuel for commercial benefit seem reality now  – a shock to many. Airline companies do not establish their policies on safety alone but also on the basis of sustainability and cost reduction, according to We receive many complaints each and every day about airline companies worldwide because we help passengers when their flight is delayed or cancelled. In 80 percent of the cases technical malfunctions are the cause of the disruptions. From failing engines to broken cockpit doors – the problems are diverse.