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VIP Service On Private Flight For Delayed Passenger

Thursday, October 4, 2012

leeg vliegtuigThis airline company understands how to treat passengers who experience a flight delay!

When Brad Hartley checked his messages on Monday morning, he wasn't expecting to receive a private ride to New York City. The airline called to tell Mr. Hartley that his flight, originally scheduled to depart from Nashville at 7 that morning, had been delayed, and that he could expect to leave around 10:30. But when he arrived at the airport, still an hour before departure, he noticed something was awry.

"I finally went to the gate at 10:30 and nobody was there," he told Gadling last night. After waiting a few minutes he checked with the gate agent who told him that all the other passengers on his flight had departed on other scheduled aircraft. He was the only passenger remaining. After being personally escorted to the aircraft by the gate agent, he found a regional jet (pictured at right) waiting, just for him.

Realizing the situation, the crew decided to give Mr. Hartley the full VIP treatment, taking requests to play music over intercom before departure and referring to him as "Mr. President" throughout the trip.

Even though he arrived several hours behind on schedule, he didn't mind the delay. "Those guys were completely awesome today," he beamed on the phone.

And although he admits he was excited when he posted an update to his friends and family on Facebook, he asserts that the crew were both professional and by the book. An excited recount of his journey went viral on the popular website Reddit last night, where numerous users expressed amazement and elation at Mr. Hartley's good luck. Joked one user: "I'm sure the First Officer filled out the most exact Weight and Balance form of his career. Passenger: 1"Source: www.gadling.com