Amsterdam startup launches flight delays tool in eight countries

Friday, April 27, 2012

London, Friday April 27 2012

The Amsterdam startup Green Claim launches websites for flight delays in eight European countries.

As well as their company their struggle for air passengers rights has drawn a lot of media attention last year. Even the European Parliament pays attention to this subject. Today an advanced system, that is made ready for helping passengers in all countries of the European Union is launched. Using their tool you can get a compensation up to 600 EUR per passenger when your flight is delayed.

It is only been a year and a half ago when they’ve started and now they are ready for going abroad. “Media in other countries noticed our existence and the number of visitors on our website went through the roof and thus the demand for our service. This made us decide to accelerate the development of our new system”  Mario Wester co-founder of Green Claim and head of technology says.

European legislation states that flight delays for over three hours, cancellations and denied boarding entitles passengers to a compensation. The information airlines provide for customers is insufficient and directly compensating is out of the question. This is where helps.  

Airlines are losing ground en the rights for passengers are increasing. In March of this year Dutch airlines lost a case in court against the Dutch government. Their claim: the state must stop with saying that delayed flights should be settled by airlines. The court wiped this claim of the table.

Also the European Parliament is mixing into the discussion en wants airlines to better inform their passengers about their rights. Most likely they are campaigning for this matter later this year.

On a yearly basis about 500 million air passengers suffer from flight delays and cancellations. About 30 million of them are entitled to a compensation that could run up to 600 EUR per person. Up until now billions of euro’s stay with the airlines every year. Airlines don’t do much for proclaiming the rights of passengers.

You can check your flight on and see if you are entitled to a compensation.  They can file your claim at the airline or advise you if you want to claim the compensation yourself. is started by three young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam. Mario Wester (25), Bart de Jonge (23) and Tom van Bokhoven (27) started to develop their system in 2010. Since the launch  of the first beta version beginning 2011 they went through the process thousands of times. This was the way to learn from both airlines and passengers and made them able to improve and innovate their system.