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Was your flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked? You may be entitled to compensation: up to £ 510 per person!

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Long flight delays and cancellations

You are entitled to care by the airline (phone call, refreshments, meal accommodation, transportation to the place of accommodation) if the delay is two hours or more:

If the delay is more than five hours, and you decide not to continue your journey, you are also entitled to have your ticket reimbursed and be flown back to where you originally started your journey. If you get to your final destination with a delay of three hours or more, you may be entitled to identical compensation to that offered when your flight gets cancelled:

  • EUR 250 for all flights of 1 500 kilometres or less;
  • EUR 400 for all flights within the European Union of more than 1 500 kilometres, and for all other flights between 1 500 and 3 500 kilometres;
  • EUR 600 for all flights not falling under the first two bullets

Unless the airline can prove that the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances. Additionally, airlines can be held liable for damages resulting from delays.

- More information check the website of the European Commission

Frequently Asked Questions


What does do?

Has your flight been delayed, cancelled or overbooked? We can quickly tell you if you have the right to financial compensation which can be up to € 600.- per person. If according to us you have the right to compensation for your flight, then we would like to help you manage collating the evidentiary burden and to test this against the legislation. We additionally draw up the letters to the airline company for you. Getting back money is not always easy, but we have the knowledge and expertise. It is our job.
You can follow each step of the way through your login account by using 'track and trace'.

What is a claim package?

By claim package we mean the support of the entire procedure to get compensation, from the first letter to the airline company to the judicial process.
Many steps have to be taken and we take care of those steps for you.
You can follow every claim submitted with your individual login account by looking at the time line through 'track and trace'.

Why with its legal knowledge, experience and perseverance is the right partner for submitting your claim. On the basis of our extensive database of flight and weather data of airline companies worldwide we can tell you quickly if you have the right to compensation.

How do I submit a claim on our website?

On the start page of you will find our 'claim calculator'. Fill in the date of your flight and the flight number here, so that we can determine if your claim is legally valid. This depends on many factors, as you can read under the heading 'About legal validity'.

I have received a negative reply from the airline company. Can I still submit a claim to you?

Of course, it is still possible to submit your claim to us. Once you have submitted the claim we can look at the different possibilities. More than 90% of claims are rejected at the first request. You can see in your personal login account which further steps are necessary depending on the reply from the airline company.

About the procedure

How many days before I receive my claim package?

You will receive your claim package within three working days. Our legal service must first validate the claim, following which we compile a personal claim package for you. Then we can start the procedure.

My flight is delayed by less than 3 hours. Do I have the right to compensation?

If your flight is delayed by less than 3 hours, you have no right to compensation. Only if the delay was over 3 hours long do you have the right to compensation according to the law. However, you do have the right to meals, communication facilities and a drink, depending on the waiting time.

My flight was delayed by more than 3 hours, but my claim is still rejected. How is that possible?

There are many factors that influence your right to compensation.
If you fly from a destination outside Europe to a European destination with a non-European airline company, then you have no right to compensation.
Also all flights outside Europe with a non-European destination fall outside the legislation and therefore offer no right to compensation.

Will I be kept informed of the status of my claim?

You will be kept informed during the whole procedure about the status of your submitted claim. After submitting the claim you will receive a personal login account in which the different steps are indicated. You can see there where you are at that time in the procedure.

How long does it take before I receive my compensation?

The duration of the procedure varies per claim. After we have assessed your claim for legal validity, you can opt for the Pro-account or the Premium-account. You can follow the status of your claim in the 'Time line', so that you get a good overview of the duration of the procedure. We do our utmost to complete the procedure within six months. If further steps have to be taken, then this can increase from half a year to more than a year.

Can I use my login account again when I late have a delayed flight again?

When you have submitted a claim earlier to your personal details will be saved. If you later experience another delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight, then you can use the calculator again on the website. If the claim is legally valid, then it will be automatically entered into your existing login account.

About the legal validity

When do I have the right to financial compensation?

If your flight was delayed by more than three hours, cancelled or overbooked, then you possibly have the right to compensation. Whether this is the case depends on the cause of the delay, cancellation or overbooking and has to be in line with legislation and regulations. assesses the submitted claim for legal validity and can quickly tell you what you have the right to.
Your right to compensation is based on Regulation (EC) no. 261/2004. In addition various other laws, treaties and rulings can be influential.

The calculator indicates that I have no right to compensation. Why is that?

In addition to the delay of more than three hours, cancellation or overbooking, we assess the claim for legal validity on the basis of European legislation and regulations. Certain causes of delay can be seen as circumstances beyond one's control. In that case the airline company does not have to compensate (see heading Circumstances beyond one's control).

When are there circumstances beyond one's control?

A delayed flight is not always attributable to the airline company. Then they don't have to pay compensation. One must consider extreme weather conditions, political unrest or strikes. If you have been affected by one of these causes, then this does not mean that you have no right to anything at all. We can sort that out for you. will assess your claim on the basis of weather and flight data and relevant rulings by courts and authorities. A decision is made on the basis of this.

How long after my flight can I submit a claim to the airline company?

You can submit a claim to the airline company up to two years after the flight date.

My first flight is (less than three hours) delayed, through which I missed my connecting flight. Do I have the right to compensation?

When the connecting flight is chartered by the same airline company, you have a right to compensation if the total arrival delay is more than three hours. We do advise passengers to select a flight for which there is sufficient time to transfer.

The delay arose on a flight from outside Europe to a European country. Do I have the right to compensation?

If the delay arose outside Europe you only have the right to compensation if the flight is carried out by a European airline company.
If the delay arises on a flight outside Europe, due to which the connecting flight from this destination to Europe cannot be made, then you do not have the right compensation.

The calculator indicates that I do not have the right to compensation, because the flight is carried out by a non-European airline company, but I did book my flight here.

Sometimes flights are carried out by an airline company with whom you did not book; they then work together with the airline company concerned. If the flight of this executing airline company is delayed outside Europe and this airline company is not a European airline company, you have no right to compensation. The European airline company cannot be held responsible for the delay of the executing airline company.

About the costs

Are there other costs connected to the service of in addition to the expense allowance?

If you have a Premium-account, there are no extra costs connected to the service of Our experienced employees will support you through the entire procedure with the airline company.
If we are successful and you have received the compensation from the airline company, then you can determine yourself what you think our service is worth. You may decide yourself if you want to pay a bit more.
If you have opted for a Pro-account, you will have to post the letter yourself and pay for the postage. If the request for compensation is rejected, then further steps will have to be taken, you can assist in this of course. One of the last steps is a goodwill gesture. The goodwill gesture is drawn up by an external solicitors firm with whom works together. This step is not included in the costs. If you want to take this step, then we will charge £ 9.50 for this.

Further information

What is meant by flight details? collects millions of flight details from airports spread around the world. Every aeroplane and every flight has their own code. We need these details to be able to determine if a particular delayed or cancelled flight actually presents a right to compensation.

What is the difference between a Pro-account (£ 14,00) and a Premium-account (£ 20,50)?

After submitting your claim you can opt for a Pro-account or a Premium-account. You will receive a comprehensive description of both packages after you have filled in the calculator. The most important difference is that with a Premium-account we take just a few more steps to get the money back. In addition with a Pro-account you have to attach the stamps yourself and with a Premium-account we do that for you. You put more in to our hands.

What is the difference between another claim companies?

User-friendly, efficient and experienced. We like to share our knowledge and experience.
There are big differences between the working methods of and its competitors. We go through the procedure together with you to achieve a good result as fast as possible. With us you are always the first to be informed of the replies of airline companies and authorities. This transparent manner of interaction makes the entire procedure faster. Furthermore, you always stay closely involved with the state of affairs without having to take too much action yourself.

When the compensation is paid, the competition demands a fixed percentage of 20% to 27%.

For example: you get € 600.-- back from the airline company.- competition asks for a fixed percentage of 20%: you pay then € 120.-- competition asks for a fixed percentage of 27%: you pay then € 162.-- with a fixed amount of £ 14 or £ 20.50 applies.

Working together with

If your company regularly encounters delayed flights, you can be of service to your employees or clients by calling on our help. If you let us deal with your annoying experiences, it could possibly result in bigger profits in time and money, for your company as well as your clients. For more information about cooperative working arrangements please contact at

Does have a mobile application? is busy with the development of a mobile application. This multi-faceted App will, in addition to mobile claiming, also offer other options to make travelling easier. When the App is ready, you will as client of course receive a message about this.

What does do with relevant court rulings?

In addition to (EC) no. 261/2004 with regard to the rights of air passengers there have been over the past few years many rulings from courts in the context of flight delay, cancellation and denied boarding. Our legal service is well informed about these rulings and therefore ensures that the claim package is up to date.

My question is not listed. How can you help me further?

If your question is not listed among the frequently asked questions, it is possible to ask your question through your personal login account. We will answer your question as soon as possible. If you do not have a login account, ask the question through